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How it works


Enter the Google Sheet's URL

Begin your journey by seamlessly integrating your Google Sheet into our platform. Navigate to your Google Sheets, copy the URL of the desired sheet, and paste it into our user-friendly interface.


Start using the API

Our developer-friendly API enables you to access, manipulate, and update your Google Sheets data programmatically, opening up a world of possibilities for your applications.


Handlebars snippet

Easily create and customize Handlebars snippets to format and display your data as you need it.

Custom permissions

Control access to your data with custom permissions, ensuring data security and privacy.


Secure your API with robust authentication mechanisms to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Smart Caching

Optimize data retrieval with smart caching, reducing latency and improving API response times.

Create / Delete Sheets (Tabs)

Dynamically create and delete sheets (tabs) in your Google Sheets, allowing for dynamic data organization.

Private Sheets

Keep your data private and secure by keepig your google sheets private.

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